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Location Based Reminder

Location Based Reminder

This is an application that acts as a reminder when you are on the go. It reminds you about your pre-set tasks/activities based on your current location. This application lets you add a reminder on a map and select the radius distance, within which you get a reminder. Once a reminder is scheduled, this app will keep checking your location. When you reach the desired location or nearby, this app will notify you through the required task to be done.

How to use this application:

In this application you have to add reminder on a map and select the radius distance to get a reminder locationtion or nearby, this app will notify you through the reminder.

Key Features:

  •    You can set reminders to complete your specific tasks whenever you’re passing through a Bank/Reservation Counter/Post Office etc.
  •    Using this application you can add a new reminder, and edit an existing reminder and you can also delete it.
  •    It has a convenient user interface which makes it easy to set tasks.
  •    Keep your schedule organized and convenient and never forget an important task again.

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