Web AppsWhat We Have Already Done

   Test & Assessment Suite   

This is an online assessment solution that generates assessment modules in objective and descriptive formats or both for testing technical, aptitude, psychometric skills or various subjects at educational institutes. This will help you accurately measure and assess the learner’s progress and take follow up steps accordingly. This can be used at enterprise level and by individual users.

   Educational Institution Management Suite   

We have developed an end-to-end business process automation solution for Naresh I Technologies that is being successfully implemented over a span of two years. The complete process right from admission of student till completion and certificate generation is automated to make the entire operation systematic. The application has been designed and developed in a manner where it can be customized and modified in accordance with the customer centric requirements.

   Our Indigenous END-TO-END OFFICE AUTOMATION: MyNacre   

With today’s focus on service maximization and cost efficiency, work automation has become an integral part of business process. This not only assists with cost reduction and gain efficiency, it also supports timely and accurate decisions and leads to increased productivity. Designed to coordinate work flow, our automation solution helps to control and coordinate work, comprehensively enabling us to refine, accelerate, manage and measure the process output. This drives the efficiencies up while balancing automation with the work of people.