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   Our Indigenous END-TO-END OFFICE AUTOMATION: MyNacre   

With today’s focus on service maximization and cost efficiency, work automation has become an integral part of business process. This not only assists with cost reduction and gain efficiency, it also supports timely and accurate decisions and leads to increased productivity. Designed to coordinate work flow, our automation solution helps to control and coordinate work, comprehensively enabling us to refine, accelerate, manage and measure the process output. This drives the efficiencies up while balancing automation with the work of people.

Key Features:

  Inter communication of work made easy:

Makes it easy to create, change and dynamically distribute work to people. This is a simple and powerful solution that enables our team to focus on delivering real results, customized in our own way and improves team communication.

  Proper planning and optimal utilization of resources:

There is a continuous management and evaluation of performance of work flow along with identification of weak links and optimization of efficiency to achieve operational advantage. The overall process leads to a paperless office management.

  Customer Relationship Management:

It automates the entire flow allowing the business process and builds a more effective client interaction and follow up process. This enables them to build proactive customer relationships and have hassle free communication in building the corporate business.

  Detailed and Up-to-date recruitment information:

The process leads to a greater interaction between the business development team and human resources management team leading to a comprehensive and up-to-date information on recruitment process and client information.

  Amplified Clarity:

This leads to optimized teaching of various trainee details- attendance, performance, recruitment, number of opportunities provided and other related details. This ensures in providing equal opportunity to every trainee.

  Well structured HRM:

This automates, manages and optimizes operations with process and workflow management solutions. The entire process makes it easier to manage right from inception to placements of the trainees. The accuracy of the automation process ensures that there is absolute clarity and transparency through the entire process.

  Customized Reports:

One of the key features of the automation is report generation. The automation process yields towards a better workflow and results in generating comprehensive reports thereby helping management in making right decisions. The report generation highlights the performance and shows how the automation enhances productivity and efficiency, while cutting costs, minimizing cycle times and maximizing resource utilization. It also ensures to reflect real time business needs and helps us understand how changes at any point in the process affects the end-to-end process overall; And this leads to dynamically adjusting the work process to stay in sync and meet ever changing requirements and conditions.