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   Test & Assessment Suite   

This is an online assessment solution that generates assessment modules in objective and descriptive formats or both for testing technical, aptitude, psychometric skills or various subjects at educational institutes. This will help you accurately measure and assess the learner’s progress and take follow up steps accordingly. This can be used at enterprise level and by individual users.

Key Features:

  Comprehensive and flexible assessment tests:

Enterprises have the option of creating both static and dynamic assessment format in accordance with their requirement.


Questions for assessment are directly chosen by admin and the same are displayed in a random order for each test taker.


The admin has the provision of setting rules and weightage for each question, based on which the software randomly selects questions from a huge database and generates assessments for each test taker.

  Enables user mobility:

Users have a choice to take the test either on mobile or on web.

  Detailed Analysis:

The assessment analysis can be made either topic wise or course wise based on specific requirements of the enterprise or individual user.

  Graphical Analysis:

Performance analysis graphs are cumulative. Comparison can be done based on all tests taken and detailed analysis report can be drawn and assessed accordingly.

  Highly customizable reporting services enabled:

The admin has provisions and flexibility for comparative analysis. The mode of analysis can be set based on requirements of the users.