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Combined Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) of NIT & NACRE

  Nacre's Inception  

Are we doing justice to the current employment scenario?

This led us to an embarkment on a long and successful journey since June, 2011. Since then this journey has taken us through a course of challenges and experiences. One of the major challenges we have faced was a tone of Irony from career aspirants, wondering that “nothing comes for free”. Another initial challenge that we faced was skeptical question from the companies as to what’s the catch? There wasn’t any catch. Since we started off with a social initiative, our focus wasn’t on particular business model. Our Sole vision has been to sincerely bridge the employment gap in the IT industry and the focus is on career aspirants with a strong will to make it big.

But their resources are limited. So we had a clear mission as to how to make this happen. Our goals were clear; we knew that we have to fill the gaping hole with the right skill set with respect to technical skills, communications skills, aptitude and most important their attitude. Learning is an ongoing and welcoming process at Nacre. It is this approach that has helped us to overcome many challenges. We went about creating a training module with trails and errors that resulted in a wholesome mentoring and nurturing programme. We have a systematic approach that imbibes the career aspirants with problem solving skills, technical skills, interpersonal skills, and exposure to a corporate environment.

  Why We Do   

Lack of guidelines amongst fresher’s and misconceptions with regards to industry requirements has led to a huge void in the employment scenario.

The current employment scenario is nearly appalling.

   Over 5.5 lakhs graduates pass out every year, and employability of these graduates in the IT industry is25% (in the year 2005 it was 24%).

  40% of the Graduates are still Unemployed even after 1 Year from graduation.

  26% of the Graduates are still unemployed even after 2 Years from graduation.

  15% of the Graduates are still unemployed even after 3 Years from graduation.

  India's 60 Billion Dollars IT industry is spending nearly 1 Billion Dollars annually in training hired graduates, due to the lack of employability skills in them; the reason being lack of awareness of these employability skills, and of its utmost importance as a means of getting the right job.


What we have been able to picture and arrive at a conclusion are:

With respect to fresher's

  Every fresher wants to kick start their career with an MNC and are failing to realize the opportunities which are available in SME’s.

  Salary expectations are too high.

  Lack in requisite skills and aiming to reach the skies.

With respect to small and medium enterprises

  Openings are many but they are really looking for skilled freshers. So the intake is less. It is time consuming as too many profiles have to be shortlisted for a few openings. The ratio is approximately 1 : 500.

  The numbers that are absorbed within the SME’s is less than 50%. I.e. less than 50% of the selected candidates actually take up the offers.

  They do not find the requisite talent. Dry run period is long if they take general fresher’s as the fresher’s would need nearly 3 – 6 months training which is unproductive in terms of company’s business.

  Realizing these short comings Nacre came into existence.  

  What We Do  

We choose our trainees for today’s needs and tomorrow’s vision.

With our industry expertise and understanding of clients’ strategic direction and ascertain that their vision to employ people who are productive, exhibit a positive attitude and have the ability to become a member of their team, is imbibed in our mind’s eye from the very inception stage, we at Nacre have designed a systematic and streamlined methodology to stimulate Nacreans in exceeding the companies’ expectations.

Nacreans undergo a rigorous training in every requisite aspect in order to equip themselves with employability skills within a period of 3 months.

what we do

  How We Do  

Our approach is an integration of the three Es – Education, Experience, and Exposure. We make our vision come alive through a processed work-flow that successfully leads to overall progression.

how we do it

  Life At Nacre  

We have chosen a phase-wise approach towards our Module, targeted at Enhancing Employability Skills, throughout which we have created a balance of professional and friendly environment, giving our trainees a corporate culture to showcase their skills and continual enhancement.

  Why Nacre  

Why Companies prefer Nacre


Satiety for Performance Excellence – We leave no stone unturned in our perseverance/tenacity for quality outcome. We have a well designed Nurturing and Mentoring program structure. Our endeavor involves inculcation of all the requisite skills needed for a true professional, for a successful career path at the end of this evolution.

Our mentoring process leads to our trainees in gaining a clear insight, setting their expectations parallel to what the industry actually is. They have exposure to corporate culture, leading to inculcation of professionalism, integrity, time management, efficient delegation of work, and optimal working strategies.

Reasons why we are conducive to repeated hiring by our corporate clients.

  “We stand apart for various reasons.”  

why nacre

Why Trainees prefer Nacre

Nacre is the key causative factor for talent production – For those who dream big, we at Nacre provide you with comprehensive resources for undergoing transfiguration thereby giving wings to your dreams!

We provide Opportunities

We get you ready to grab the opportunities

We guide you in gauging the industry standards & expectations

We assess where you stand w.r.t industry expectations

  “Success is when preparation meets the opportunity.”  

In order to help you get ready, grab and retain the available opportunity – We at Nacre, equipped with an optimal work-environment and technical expertise, inculcate you with the following requisite skills.

  Group Effectiveness (Interpersonal Skills, Team Work).

  Enhanced and Streamlined Technical Skill Set.

  Business Communication.

  Problem Solving Skills.

  Self Management.


Customised modules/cutting edge curriculum design - Nacre provides customised training to both the novice and experienced, equips you with requisite skills, and deploys you to the organizations.

Industry Interactions - You have a range of industry interactions for both general overview of the IT industry and the advanced technical knowhow.

Key to your opportunities - Opportunities knock often. But doors open only when you have the right key. We have a broad esteem clientele who repeatedly hire from us. Before we share your profiles, we provide you with complete information and clarity on the interview process, salary package, the working environment of the companies and the terms and conditions to be followed. As for the new clientele, we make sure to do all the background work before we share your profiles, and we take complete responsibility right from the inception of the interview process till you acquire a job.

What information do we assess from the companies? – We work on the following factors:

  Is the company genuine?

  Is the work environment good and are there ample learning opportunities?

  Is the job relevant to qualification?

  Will it advance your career?

  Is it secure?

Nacre Mantra : Corporate-2-Corporate

We create a work environment for the trainees wherein they function like every corporate employee. We integrate within our module the 3A's principle – we provide a steady foundation for awareness of the requisite employability skills and corporate ethics, acquisition and practical application of these through our comprehensive training module.

Readily Deployable

The trainees are well versed with SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle). Equipped with real-time problem solving skills, and streamlined technical skill-set, all of which makes them readily deployable.

Inculcated with Interpersonal Skills and work ethics

We at Nacre have created an ideal work environment wherein every Nacrean adheres to a set of rules and regulations practiced in the corporate world. They follow below Rules and Regulations:

  • HR Policies
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Fair Usage Policy
  • Coding & Documentation Standards

Ethically and environmentally responsible

Nacreans are given exposure to corporate culture and voluntary activities as part of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), as part of which, they attend CXO meets, volunteer for corporate events for social causes. We volunteer for Atlanta Foundation’s bi-annual cycling events, the proceeds of which go towards the care and education of under-privileged children.